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Senior Insolvency Executive - Central London

Job Summary

The Executive will primarily work with managers and supervise administrators, but also have exposure to the case partners. Insolvency Cases will generally be of a more complex and international nature, broadly involving asset realisation, investigating company affairs and reporting to stakeholders.

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Job Description

Case Management and Compliance

This is the key part of the role and in carrying it out, it is important to report to managers on a regular basis to update them on case progression and any compliance issues encountered:

• Actively make suggestions regarding progression of the case and agree strategy with managers.
• Able to adapt to working with different managers and changing workloads.
• Understands what is important and or urgent, prioritises workload to ensure case progression and meeting of deadlines.
• Ensure that cases are progressed expediently and efficiently.
• Understands and adheres to office and departmental procedures and risk management requirements eg money laundering, risk management manual.
• International asset tracing and recovery.
• Reviewing and amending witness statements and affidavits in various jurisdictions following guidance from solicitors.
• Preparing and reviewing documentation for complex legal disputes with various parties.
• Investigating misconduct by company officers and others.
• Understands the critical nature of strong data and document management in live litigation cases.
• Must be able to understand and interpret accounts and other financial information.
• To have some understanding of accounting standards.
• Demonstrate good writing skills by preparing clear correspondence, reports and analyses with little supervision.
• To be able to draft long form and bullet point reports.
• Drafts comprehensive file notes of meetings and calls, maintains clear audit trails and files for ease of reference and for support in legal proceedings if required.
• Be able to deal with most third parties (including creditors, solicitors and agents) and make appropriate recommendations.
• To be able to interview company employees and gain their confidence.
• Manage asset realisations including liaising with solicitors, agents and employees on site
• Able to quickly assimilate data.
• Have an understanding of the Firm's software packages available for analysis of information, and utilise them properly in order to minimise time spent by team members analysing the information.
• Has a reasonable understanding of insolvency legislation, and the types of appointments taken on by the department, shows a willingness to learn about and apply relevant legislation in other jurisdictions.
• Understand and prepare a statement of affairs, deficiency account and an estimated outcome statement.
• Understands the differences between fixed and floating charges, including sensitivities of recoveries under floating charge to size of preferential creditors and prescribed part.
• Demonstrate understanding of security reviews.

• Able to identify "win-win" situations for client and firm and understands potential trade-offs between fee and profit maximisation and long term business with client.
• Demonstrates excellent research skills including IT skills and thinks in a logical and structured manner whilst bringing commerciality into analysis and findings in terms of proportionate work and interpretation of findings.
• Identifies the means of optimising financial returns in a client context and begins to understand potential trade-offs between financial and non-financial outcomes.
• Collects and presents information (verbal and written) to clients and managers/partners in a logical manner.
• Can adapt style to best interact with clients from different cultures.
• Flexibility to be able to travel overseas to clients'/intermediaries' offices where necessary.

Operations and results
Managing cases for profit
• Prepares and works within budgets where appropriate so that agreed recovery targets can be achieved.
• Ensures bills are raised and collected in accordance with billing plan on all cases.
• Ensures own and other individuals' timesheets are submitted on time.

Job Details

Location: Central London

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: £45,000 - £48,000 pa

Job Ref: CM512

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