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Boosting the Boutiques

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

As we approach spring, trends in all of our markets are continuing to change and evolve, with new patterns coming to light.

In corporate recovery accountancy, the biggest news of the year so far has been the revelation that RSM Tenon are in financial difficulty, and will be reducing head count by 10%. In more positive news, we are recruiting heavily for a number of restructuring boutiques at the moment, who are seeing a significant increase in workflow. Whilst the demand for qualified accountants with advisory experience remains high, requirements in the formal market are few and far between. In corporate recovery law, there has been a significant rise in the number of contentious insolvency roles for mid-level associates, yet our clients are still keen to see candidates with non-contentious insolvency and/or restructuring experience too.

In other news, the tax boutiques are incredibly busy and in a strong position to attract top talent from top 10 accountancy firms, as many of these top 10 firms have restrictions on head count. A number of industry clients are also taking advantage of this turbulent market to attract high calibre candidates.

Furthermore, share schemes departments continue to recruit consistently, and the smaller firms are demonstrating considerable growth. On the other hand, the pensions industry is very quiet; the majority of the demand we are currently experiencing is at more senior levels.

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