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Budgeting our time!

Friday, 15 March 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve provided a snapshot of the market – which in itself acts as an indicator: things have been VERY interesting in the Harvey Sutton office! Share schemes jobs and executive compensation jobs have been the stars of late, with a number of Big 4 consultancies actively growing their teams in London and the regions, notably in the midlands. Perhaps the key thing to be watchful of is the Big 4 expansion with wider-broad based reward jobs.

Employment law vacancies have also been popping up in interesting ways, with a noticeable number of boutique practices and US outfits growing in London specifically. We initially thought this is just a short-term bout of growth back in Q3 of 2012, however discussions with our contacts have made us realise otherwise: the boutique human capital firms are becoming serious contenders against full service city law firms.

The budget is round the corner and only time will tell what impact the Chancellor’s thoughts on the UK economy will have on city recruitment: will we continue to be as busy, or will there be a downturn?

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