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A Diamond in the rough...

Friday, 01 June 2012

As June starts off with empty offices and nationwide street parties, may we take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Jubilee Weekend! Enjoy the celebrations!

However, the elevated activity has not been isolated to our beloved Pubs as we have seen an interesting month for recruitment to say the least.

The frozen giants are now starting to shave off headcount. Three of the top five accountancy firms have announced redundancies within corporate finance functions; one of them also reducing the size of their tax practice. Perhaps now that some redundancies have been carried out, the top-tier accountancy firms may start recruiting more talent.

On the note of Tax, there has been an incredible surge of Industry/In-House roles opening up within the Indirect Taxes. Whether this is a trend which follows the year end is debatable, but in any event, it has been an exciting few weeks within this niche field. Furthermore, the increased focus on Tax Technologies within consultancies continues as more and more of our clients are seeking these experts.

Following this peak, our Human Capital fields unfortunately continue to trough as activity is very minimal. Top end hires are appearing occasionally and we have seen a great deal of success at the senior end, however, movement amongst junior lawyers within Employment, Share Schemes and Immigration is very static.

Our core offering within the Restructuring and Insolvency space on the other hand has brought a few surprises this month. We have found a diamond in the rough with an interesting vacancy where our client is looking for a CRO – ‘Chief Restructuring Officer’ to lead the mid-tier accountancy firm’s R&I outfit. Moreover, the desire for mid-level restructuring and non-contentious insolvency lawyers has surged amongst the US Law firms - indicative of the increased work in cross-border appointments? We hope so.

On a chirpier note, we are excited about the utilisation of our new Twitter account, with more than 50 followers within a few weeks! Be sure to hit follow on @HarveySuttonRec for refreshing insights into our specialist sectors.

In our next article, we will be entering the second half of 2012. It wouldn’t be surprising if the summer games put a further hold on recruitment activity, but hopefully there will be plenty of Gold Medals to be smiling about.

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