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In the wake of The Games...

Monday, 01 October 2012

How great were the games?! We found them as exhilarating as the rest of the world, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Team GB, the organisers and the 70,000 volunteers that put a smile on everyone’s face throughout the whole of the UK.  As a country, our TV sets were tuned into the Olympic coverage like a cat with its eyes on the family’s yellow tweeting canary. The highlight of our viewing experience was the visit we made as a team to the victory parade, where we had several memorable moments with our fantastic Olympians. The estimated 11 million travellers did not impact negatively upon our robust travel network as predicted by so many, and the majority of our city contacts claimed that “London was like a ghost town”,  which we all enjoyed immensely due to the additional empty seats on tubes and trains and shorter queues for refreshments.

For many of our clients the quiet period never arrived, and we have come out of the other side having had a very busy 8 weeks. This news will surprise the majority of people, as the general employment market is saturated with freezes and consultation periods – however certain firms are bucking that trend.

Three areas which are busier than ever for us are Indirect Tax, Share Schemes and Employment Taxes.  From multiple meetings with Big 4 Partners responsible for these areas, the message is the same from all of them: there are growth targets to meet, and the only way to achieve them is to invest in top quality resource. As Corporate Finance and M&A activity is still slow, these areas continue to deliver substandard results and therefore our busiest areas are left to take up the slack.

Recent redundancies at KPMG have concerned candidates in the last two weeks, yet most share the view that professional services is a highly competitive market, and therefore these firms need to change the shape of their teams on a regular basis.  A positive outcome from such movements is our successful placement of a large number of individuals who have found themselves in need of work quite suddenly.

In the wake of the great success of The Games, we now have to turn our attention to finding talented specialists for our clients with particular emphasis on: VAT candidates from juniors to Managers; share schemes candidates at all levels; and employment tax (PAYE/NIC) Assistant Managers and Managers.

We do also offer an attractive candidate referral scheme, so if you know anyone that we might be able to help then please get in touch.

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