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Reward & Incentives Recruitment FAQs

Is part-time work available?

Absolutely, in-house posts and accountancy firms are generally more amenable to accommodating part-time staff than law firms.

Are all of the Big 4 accountancy firms the same?

No, it is extremely important to use a recruiter who understands the different cultures within the Big 4, as they all vary depending on your chosen field and your personal preferences.

Would there be opportunities to gain a client secondment or an international secondment, as I find these hard to engineer within law firms?

Yes, we have found that secondments are often very achievable within accountancy firms. If you make us aware of your plans before attending an interview, we can speak to the responsible Partners directly.

If I moved to an accountancy firm as a lawyer, can I retain my practicing certificate?

No, but for a small fee you can remain on the roll. Lots of accountancy firms will call their lawyers “non-practicing” solicitors.

Can I move back to a law firm from an in-house role or from the Big 4?

Most definitely; in fact, a number of our law firm clients have specifically mentioned they would like someone from an in-house background, as this person could offer new insights into the reward piece in general, rather than just drafting share schemes.

How would the work differ at a Big 4 firm to that of a law firm?

It would frequently be broader and more interesting than solely drafting share schemes. There would also be the opportunity to diversify into broader areas of reward. The other attractive factor, according to our clients, is that there are opportunities to work with clients on an on-going basis and develop relationships, rather than just being a corporate support function at a law firm.

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