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Pensions Law Recruitment

Pensions Law

Troublesome Headhunters

Pensions lawyers have not had an easy time recently given the vast amount of regulation they have had to endure. With the increased demand for pensions expertise, lawyers have been mercilessly cold-called by so-called headhunters promising career utopia with their next move, but how many so-called headhunters actually understand the pensions market? How many actually know the subtle differences between the various City practices?

The Future of Pensions

Unlike employment, where lawyers can move in-house or easily find a practice outside of the city centres, or incentives where niche consultancies can offer a new and exciting career path, pensions has no obvious career alternative outside of private practice. That is why it is essential that when any pensions lawyer considers a move, they do so having thought about and discussed the realities of a very tight market-place. There is a tendency to think that all pension practices offer the same opportunities, but this is not the case. Issues such as Partner personalities, team dynamics, know-how support and potential bottlenecks at the senior associate level all come in to play - not to mention the type of work and degree of transactional support that a particular practice undertakes. Candidates continually ask about the future of pensions, how will it develop over the next ten years, which firms offer the best scheme work and where will they, as individuals, be happiest?

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