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Indirect Tax Recruitment

Indirect Tax

Increased Awareness = Increased Demand

Fees generated from providing clients with sound and constructive Indirect Tax advice are continually growing throughout the accountancy world. Businesses are now more aware of the added benefit VAT specialists can achieve for clients' balance sheets.

As the awareness grows, so does the demand for experienced and well trained staff. We work with specialists in VAT, Employment Taxes, Customs and Excise Duty, IPT and Supply Chain securities. As a tax professional you will appreciate that the market within which you operate is unique, self-contained and compact.

Reputation Comes First

At Harvey Sutton, we understand that the majority of VAT professionals will have crossed paths. In a small world, reputation is everything.

With a thorough understanding of the market on a national basis, we are well positioned to guide you in the right direction, whether you are a Consultant looking for a move in industry, or a Director looking for a promotion to Partner.

Our extensive list of global contacts in practice and industry not only offers us the ability to advise you on salary or job description issues, but also realistic career opportunities that are available to you in a dynamic market.

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