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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to send you a CV?

In most circumstances a copy of your CV would be ideal; however due to our long standing relationships with many of our clients, we can represent certain senior candidates without a CV.

I haven’t written a CV for years – do you have any advice?

Absolutely, as specialist recruiters we have a wealth of experience in CV formation and structure, and are more than happy to assist you with constructive feedback on your CV. We also have several CV templates on file at varying grades that we can email to you if this would help you when constructing your own CV.

How did you get my name?

Our success is underpinned by our knowledge of the market, and therefore we have an extensive database which is frequently updated to keep us in the know of who is who and where they work. Our team of resourcers utilise our contacts in the marketplace and online resources to identify key performers within our specialist fields.

Why did you call me?

We are not in the habit of making random headhunt calls, as we appreciate that time is valuable to our candidates and our clients. We will call you when a role has become available that is relevant to your skill-set and ticks some or all of the boxes you may have stated as being of personal interest to you such as career progression, or, as is often the case, we have been referred your name by one of our many contacts in the marketplace.

Will my CV be sent around the market if I email it to you?

Simple answer: absolutely not. Our reputation and presence in the marketplace depends on the quality of our service, and we are not in the habit of firing out CVs aimlessly (and in the same vein, nor do we sit around idly). Before your CV is sent to any of our clients, we will always acquire your express consent – and that also goes for sending out redacted CVs.

Can you call me outside of working hours?

We wholeheartedly understand the difficulties of speaking to a recruitment consultant whilst you are in the office surrounded by your colleagues, so we are more than happy to call you back whenever suits you best.

Can’t you just send me an email with a job spec?

In the majority of cases we can, and upon your request we shall. However, we would never flood your inbox with a barrage of job descriptions which are of no relevance to your particular needs and aspirations. We therefore opt to speak with our candidates or meet face to face, as we are able to understand your individual requirements and deliver a tailored service this way. It is worth noting however, often our clients may not create a ‘job specification’ for a live role, and therefore we would be best suited to talk you through the specificities and answer any questions. We pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs just as clearly as we understand the needs of our candidates.

Do you only recruit within London?

We recruit throughout the UK, with a number of our consultants possessing a wealth of experience and connections within the regions.

It will take too long for me to come to meet you in your offices…

Which is why we would always come and meet with you at a convenient, neutral location, often a café or restaurant, close to your offices in order to save you time.

Please get in touch with us with any questions that you have on telephone: 020 7250 0000 or email: [email protected].