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Employment Law Recruitment

Employment & Expatriate Tax

The Right Candidate is Key

In today's market more and more firms offer employment services to their clients and they in turn require professional staff who can operate within a fast-changing world. With an increased mobility and an ever-dynamic workforce, our clients realise that locating professionals who can offer commercial and timely advice is perhaps one of the key determining factors as to whether or not their business will succeed.

Changing Times

Over the years we have seen the employment law market flourish and the needs of our candidates change. Today, issues such as work-life balance, flexible working conditions and part-time employment are areas which our clients are being required to consider. We can help both client and candidate in this regard simply because we understand current thinking. Gone are the days when every candidate would necessarily aspire to partnership; a more fluid mentality has now developed with a growing market for in-house employment lawyers. In essence, our expertise means that we consistently have one of the highest placement ratios for employment lawyers in the City - of which we are very proud.

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